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Brush Clearance & Fire Hazard Removal

Brush clearing/tinning is the removal of vegetation and other obstacles from a plot of land. If a property hasn't seen any use in a long time, it will often become overgrown with native and invasive weeds, grasses, and even groupings of small trees. Brush clearance is typically conducted on a regular schedule, often seasonally or annually, before the peak fire season. This timing is crucial to ensure that the vegetation remains under control and does not become excessively dry and prone to ignition. Brush clearance may involve various equipment and techniques, such as chainsaws, mowers, bulldozers, and controlled burns. The choice of method depends on the size and type of vegetation, as well as the terrain. While brush clearance is essential for wildfire prevention, it must be carried out with environmental sensitivity. This includes minimizing the impact on native vegetation and wildlife habitats and avoiding erosion and soil degradation. We follow V.C.F.D. Fire Prevention Unit and CalFire guidelines to insure your brush has been cleared properly and you will pass fire department inspection.

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